Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Foods that Will Help You Gain Weight

For many, gaining weight in a reasonable amount of time is irritating. If you are the naturally thin ectomorph or the overactive athlete that needs to gain weight in order to "make weight," then these healthy calorie foods can help you gain weight the safe and effective way.

The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to gain weight is that you have got to eat healthy, no short cuts. There are hundreds of protein shakes and other weight gaining supplements that can help, but they really shouldn't be the sole supplement to help you gain weight. A diet high in natural proteins, calcium, vitamin D, and fish oil can make all the difference. Protein shakes and other supplements will make great supplements, but not meal replacements. My best solution for gaining weight was a diet low in saturated fats and high in monosaturated fats. So cook with extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, and almond oil to add in more healthy calories for your meals.

Understand that to reach your goal weight, you must be eating enough calories per day that is for your specific frame. Estimate, not obsess, over the calories you need according to the Body Mass Index system.


Proteins & Omega 3: Aim to eat 4-6 meals per day, each having the required protein serving. Protein shakes are okay, especially for the athlete that needs to replenish after a heavy workout, but aim to eat snacks that are high in natural proteins. This includes nuts, milk & eggs, pork, fish, and chicken. Try to reduce fried foods and eat lean meats cooked in olive oil or canola. Dress up your foods and naturally add in more calories by adding olive oil to your seeds and nuts as well. Keep in mind that foods high in protein are also a good source of omega 3. Up your nut intake to get the benefits of omega 3!

Fresh Fruits: Fruits can be light foods but can help you gain weight faster if you use them in smoothies. Add in your favorite fruit and blend up smoothies with all egg whites (bought from store), and a tablespoon of fiber (wheat germ), and a tablespoon of flaxseed or fish oil to get the omega 3 benefits.

Milk: They never lied when they said milk does a body good. The benefits of drinking at least 3 glasses a day can help even the most underweight person gain by leaps and bounds. Goat's milk and soy is probably the best one to consume because their health benefits are exceptional.


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Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to Gain Weight JUST FOR Women

Gaining weight and women may sound like a bad combination, but in actuality, there are many women out there who want and need to gain healthy weight. Gaining women for the naturally thin woman can be difficult. There is simply not enough legitimate information out there JUST FOR WOMEN because society focuses is either on gaining weight through extreme body building (mainly geared towards men) and the programs out there fore women mainly focus on weight loss.

Not surpsingly, thousands of women are seeking healthy diets and fitness routines that will help them build body mass and curves. Despite what someone may have told you, it is possible to gain weight, and in the right places in spite of your fast metabolism, poor eating habits, or genetics.

My Story

I was one an ultra lean woman, weighing in 20 pounds underweight during most of my childhood and late teen years. I tried everything to gain. I stuffed myself with fried unhealthy foods and later on went on crazy protein and creatine diets gaining minimal results. I began to feel like I would never gain because my genetics were simply to blame. However, after much research, I finally cracked the code to gaining weight for the naturally thin WOMAN (not man), for the ectomorph. By changing my eating habits and committing to exercise with weight bearing work outs, I gained results fast and easy.

How YOU Can Gain FAST

After much research and trial and error, I finally discovered why I wasn’t gaining. First, I was not eating for my body type. People who didn’t have the same problems I would often tell me to eat fat juicy hamburgers and steak…basically “bad carbs” that helped them gain weight. I tried this and failed. The reason being was because as an underweight person with low muscle mass, I was deficient in rich vitamins and minerals I needed to keep me healthy. Eating foods like burgers and fries and other saturated fats was not the types pf food that builds strong bones nor does it build muscles.

I needed a diet high in vitamin D, calcium, monosaturated fats, proteins, and omega 3 fatty acids. Women that need to gain weight need to up their intake in these 5 essential vitamins and minerals. Take quality vitamins that will act as supplements when you are low in these areas.

Estimate how many calories you need per day based on you body mass index(BMI), but do not calorie count or obsess about calories. The reason being is that women need to not feel discouraged when they have to for instance, consume 2500 calories per day. This will get you off focus and will discourage you from eating the right meals.

Start by planning your meals ahead of time and eating more at home instead of out. This not only saves money, but it lets you eat healthier meals that you enjoy. Don’t stress about eating large meals at every mealtime. Instead, eat 4-6 meals per day high in protein and rich in the essential vitamins. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be the larger meals containing whole grain wheat foods followed my goat’s milk. Add your favorite toppings to meals to add in more calories (ie, potatoes with sour cream, olive oil, bacon bits, cheese, chives, ect). The meals in between should be snacks high in protein and calories like nuts, all natural fruit smoothies, figs, and fresh fruits.

Eat WARM Foods

Ayurveda, the science of life, and ancient form of body healing can be applied to women needing to gain healthy weight. The Vata, or the ectomorph, is a person having a hard time gaining. Ayurveda teaches Vata women to eat warm nourishing meals high in whole grains/grains that are also warm. So a good weight gaining food is oatmeal, warm cereals like Cream of Wheat, topped with your favorite fruits (and cooked with milk instead of water). Warm beans, breads/muffins, pasta’s, and meats like baked/broiled chicken/fish is excellent sources of nourishing foods. Foods cooked in extra virgin olive oil or canola oil are highly encouraged because these healthy oils cut down on gaining weight in the belly and other unflattering places.

Exercise WILL Help You Gain, NOT Lose

Many underweight/ultra lean women don’t like to hear using weights to gain weight for fear that they will look like a man. This is simply not true, a horrible myth that. Lifting weight is essential to gaining weight because lifting helps women build needed strong bones and muscles to prevent the onset of weak and fragile bones, or worst yet, osteoporosis.

Commit to doing weight bearing exercises 3 times per week and you will gain weight. Doing light weight lifting exercises, not stressful body building work outs can add curves and shape to your body. Cardio, though not in excess, is also important for underweight women in order to train healthy hearts.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Now a days, everyone is so body conscious. With all of the health issues, it is understandable, especially since obesity is a national crisis in our country that is the cause of several major health problems.

Obesity is always the main focus and with it comes the pressure to adhere to crazy diet and exercise regimes that only create a dysfunctional health conscious obsession with weight--especially among women. The main focus, is the pressure to be thin and slender, which can be an insurmountable challenge for women who are not naturally built that way.

Like the obsession to stay thin, other women face similar body image concerns, the same pressures, body image, and poor self-esteem that most women feel...accept their body issue are the reverse, too thin.

I know these feelings because I have lived it. One of the most irksome feelings is societies focus just on weight loss and never target women who are trying to gain weight...

My Story

It was more than vanity reasons for me for wanting to gain weight. I was labeled a sickly child growing up, suffered chronic asthma and allergies (often not being able to partake in common children's sports and physical activities which made me feel alien among the rest of my peers.) and because of poor diet, I was chronically underweight with underdeveloped bones (asthma medications often cause children to lose bone density during critical developmental years like puberty).

Looking for ways to combat my asthma, I joined a gymnast club because I genuinely loved sports and competitive physical activities. Unfortunately, I was again faced my physical setback--my ultra thin physique was often criticized for not being strong enough to perform the strenuous movements it took to be successful at gymnastics. I felt myself to be poor and unhealthy at the ripe old age of 12 and my mindset stayed there up into my early 20's.

Despite the fact that I struggled with chronic severe asthma all the way until teenhood, I struggled with body image as well. Being a teen is tough for most kids. The pressure to be accepted and physically beautiful unfortunately outweigh the pressure to be emotionally sound and at peace with your inner self and your body. I was teased by both girls and guys for not being as developed as the rest of my peers as well as being picked on because I was sickly; how easy it is to pick on someone is more physically "weaker" than everyone else.

It wasn't until senior year in high school when I began to take my ‘feel sorry for my self attitude’ and change myself. I worked on creating a new me, body wise yes, but most importantly, spiritually and emotionally.

I joined Kenpo Karate and loved how the art form empowered my physically & mentally. I felt stronger and healthier, though still underweight, I was not powerless.

As I went to college, I sought out to pack on the extra pounds in a healthy way, focusing my attention on strength. To my surprise, taking care of myself made such a powerful transition for my body. I began to feel healthier, and thus, my body followed suit.

I DID gain weight through a better diet and most importantly, by working out at the gym and doing weight bearing exercises. But my quest for more weight gain became more prominent as I came to an annoying plateau. I was more toned and healthier, weighing 11 pounds more than I did in high school. But I was still underweight! Yes, I was that slender leaving high school, standing at 5’7 99 pounds (dripping wet). Junior year in college I was 112.

Frustrated, I tried everything from more time lifting weights in the gym to investing in nasty tasting supplements and at my lowest, avoiding major physical activity (because now I felt I was burning too many calories by exercising) What happened after that? I lost weight; way to go for someone doing everything she could in order to gain. I was about to just give it up….

My Solution

After so many trials and errors and frustrations out to the max, I decided to get myself together spiritually and began some heavy duty soul searching, wanting to take myself back to the empowering days when I was in martial arts.

After learning to surrender all of my problems to my higher source, God, I truly became awakened in ways I cannot even describe. To put it simply, my self improvement phase came when I was feeling lowest in my life, unworthy not just in my personal relationships, but the unworthiness transferred into my professional life. I felt bad about my body and myself. But when I truly began my quest to find my inner being, that’s when things changed dramatically for me.

After my soul hinted that I do more in-depth research into getting my health back and the body that I have always dreamed of, I came to the conclusion that the best way to gain is by loving myself for who I was at the time while embracing what I looked like. God does not make any mistakes, especially with your body. I learned that there was a reason for my chronic battle with asthma, my low body weight, and all other trials and tribulations.

For if I did not have them, I would not be on the path of success today. Self-enhancement is okay, but remember to love yourself earnestly. The body is just our temporary form, but true self enhancement will never come if you don’t learn that you are more than your body. When I got this concept and starting treating my self like I was somebody special, the weight came on so fast that after it was all said and done with, I was shocked.

My main goal is to help women who face body image problems, those that may feel too thin, gain the self esteem and focus on finding your inner self, BEFORE they do the proven methods of gaining weight.

I have done the research and you can gain weight efficiently and the less painful way. All of my methods WORK and they WORK WELL. But know that they work even better with a sound mind and loving yourself.

Women, it is so important that you focus on the positive and be grateful for what your body can do for you instead of looking at your body in a negative sense. I believe in the law of attraction. What you focus on will keep showing up in your life. If you are grateful for what your body can do as oppose to how you hate your “skinny calves” or your “small chest” or compare yourself to supposedly other women’s perfect bodies, then you will see the universe, your higher source, reward you and give you your desires and more. Trust. Belive. Have Faith. Expect RESULTS!